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Have you ever left your doctor office, wondering how you are going to lose weight, eat better or sleep more?  Many doctors find it hard to help patients change their habits when they only see them for 10 minutes two or three times per year.

This is where Integrus Health Education Services can help.  We want to bridge the gap between what you doctor says you need to do and actually doing it.  Whether you need to lose a few pounds, add some physical activity, or control your blood sugar, we will be there to support you.


“What can I eat?” is the question we hear most often.  Are you struggling with finding the right foods to make you feel great?  Do you lack the time or know-how to cook at home? Are your kids picky eaters? Do your family or friends make it difficult to choose healthy foods?

We all struggle with finding food that tastes great, and is good for our bodies.  Integrus Health Education Services can help you learn to prepare tasty, nutritious meals, that don’t require a culinary degree.  We offer individualized nutrition coaching for weight loss, blood sugar control, cholesterol control, and general healthy eating for adults and kids.  Book your free consultation here.


Does diabetes run in your family?  Are you overweight? Are you over 50? If so, you may be at higher risk for developing diabetes.  If you answered yes, or have been told by a physician you are at-risk for diabetes, we can help.  Integrus Health Education Services provides a 12-month, intensive workshop for people at-risk for developing diabetes.  It is based on the Center for Disease Control & Prevention’s Prevent Type 2 Diabetes Prevention Program.  Studies show that this intensive, lifestyle education program, coupled with medication, can delay onset of diabetes by at least 5 years.

Want to know your risk level? Click here to take the Diabetes Risk Assessment. Book your free consultation here.


Already been diagnosed with Diabetes?  Looking for ways to better control your blood sugar?  Integrus Health Education Services specialized in Diabetes Self-Management Education.  Our low-cost, 7-week intensive course is available in English or Spanish.  We can work with you individually or in small groups.  Book your free consultation here.

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